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MeSign upgrades the timestamping service system and Opens the timestamping service for Free

Shenzhen, China – April 13, 2021. MeSign Technology has exclusively and innovatively provided a free timestamp service for email digital signatures since the release of the public beta of MeSign App on August 24, 2018, so that every digitally signed and encrypted email sent has a timestamp signature to prove that the email sent time is trusted, non-tampering and non-repudiation. This innovative timestamp application has received a warm welcome from MeSign App users in 171 countries and regions around the world, because the traditional email sent time is the mail server time, which is an untrusted time, because the mail server can modify this time.

Every digitally signed and encrypted email sent by MeSign App has timestamp signature provided by MeSign Timestamping Service System that silently provides high-quality timestamp services. With the rapid growth of MeSign App users, MeSign Technology has decided to upgrade and expand the timestamping service and open the email timestamp service to related partners to jointly promote the application of email timestamp service. Today, it is solemnly announced that the upgrade of MeSign timestamping service has been completed, which will better meet users' email timestamp service and document timestamp service application requirements and provide MeSign users with better global trusted timestamp service.

The upgraded timestamping service is more responsive and has stronger service capabilities. Therefore, MeSign decided to open the cloud timestamp service for free for Adobe Reader users and provide free Adobe global trusted timestamp service with 100 times limit per day per IP address. To use it, user only need to set the MeSign timestamping service URL in the "Configure timestamp server settings" in Adobe Reader as “http://tsa.mesign.com”.

At the same time, the upgraded system will provide paid timestamp service for users of non-MeSign App and non-MeSignDoc service users and give full play to the MeSign timestamping service capabilities for blockchain applications, copyright protection applications, electronic forensics applications, and electronic contract signing services and other applications that require timestamping.

MeSign Technology also launched the MeSign Timestamping Service System that can be used for local independent deployment, it is equipped with a built-in Adobe trusted timestamp signing certificate for users. Provide a turnkey project of timestamp service that is plug-and-play. MeSign timestamping system has experienced more than 2 years of actual operation test, with a daily peak call of more than 80 million times. Users who need to deploy a timestamp system independently are welcome to contact us for a free trial online.

Please note: MeSign Timestamping Service does not provide timestamp service for Windows software codesigning. The free time stamp service that is open to the public is limited to the use of Adobe Reader for digital signature of documents.