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MeSign is included in the "Panorama of China Cybersecurity Industry"

Shenzhen, China – March 25, 2021. The panorama of China cybersecurity industry (eighth edition in March 2021) is officially released today. MeSign Technology was selected as a "China Cybersecurity Industry Panorama" company by virtue of its automatic and non-inductive email encryption technology, and worldwide users in 171 countries and regions. It is included in the "Business Application Security - Email Security" section.

The eighth edition of “Panorama of China Cyber Security Industry” released by Security Bull, all candidate’s application documents has been verified and analyzed for over 3 months, and nearly 200 actual enterprise surveys and interviews have been finished. A total of 347 cybersecurity companies and related industry institutions in China have been included, a total of 2,123 application industries were included in the subdivisions, Security Bull adheres to the consistent principles of fairness and justice in the inclusion process, fully integrates the analyst team and think tank resources, and strives to show the current development status and corporate capabilities of China cybersecurity industry in a more scientific, standardized, and comprehensive manner. This panorama is for the end user, security vendor, investment institutions and industry professionals quickly to understand the ecological pattern, trends and investment opportunities of China cybersecurity industry.

MeSign Technology released the public beta version of MeSign App on August 24, 2018 and released the official version on December 14, 2018 globally. It is the first time in the world that MeSign innovatively implements PKI digital certificate technology based on international standards and realizes automatic email encryption and digital signature services that it has been warmly welcomed and loved by users in 171 countries and regions around the world. A MeSign App user vividly described our product as "lifesaver"! Because traditional email encryption is a laborious, time-consuming, troublesome and expensive thing!

MeSign Technology automated email encryption and digital signature services adopt innovative solutions collaborating the “cloud” and “client”, utilize the powerful capabilities of cloud computing, and combine with email client software to completely change people’s perception of email encryption as “hard-to-use”, allows the PKI technology to truly implement senseless encryption, and achieves zero threshold for email encryption, and has a free edition service. Welcome to download MeSign App and enjoy the free email encryption service.

Panorama of China Cybersecurity Industry