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MeSign Cryptography as a Service Officially Provides Services Today

Shenzhen, China – April 23, 2021. MeSign Technology launched the official version of MeSign App on December 14, 2018. It is the world's first to use S/MIME technology to realize automatic email encryption and digital signature, and it has been loved by users from 171 countries and regions around the world. MeSign Technology officially integrated the document digital signature service in MeSign App on August 18, 2019, the world's first automatic digital signature and encryption of PDF files was realized. Of course, it has also been warmly welcomed by users. The reason why MeSign can realize automatic email encryption and document signature is because we have built a cloud cryptographic infrastructure to enable cloud cryptographic services to empower our client software. The cloud and client work together to realize complex function that cannot be achieved by traditional independent client software. This is a technological innovation, and it is also for the future development of cloud computing and client software.

In order to meet the data security application needs of all Internet service providers and software developers, MeSign Technology today announced the opening of the MeSign cloud cryptographic infrastructure as a cloud cryptography service to all Internet application developers and Internet service providers, turning cryptographic capabilities into a cloud service, so that all developers and service providers do not need to repeatedly invest in the construction of cloud cryptographic infrastructure, but purchase cryptographic services on demand according to their own application needs, which not only greatly saves investment, but more importantly, can quickly use cryptography capabilities to help businesses operation securely and reliably. At the same time, it meets the user's compliance requirements for all data and privacy laws and regulations, and protects valuable customer data resources and data assets, thereby greatly enhancing the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

MeSign Cryptography as a Service (CaaS) is an innovated cryptographic capability delivery model, which is a deep integration of cloud computing technology and cryptographic technologies such as identity authentication, data encryption, digital signature, and timestamping. Cryptographic as a Service integrates cryptographic products, cryptographic usage policies, cryptographic service interfaces and service processes in accordance with the requirements of cloud computing technology architecture, and combines cryptographic system design, deployment, operation and maintenance, management, and billing into one service to satisfy users' cryptographic application requirements. Users no longer need to "purchase" cryptographic hardware or cryptographic systems and other cryptographic products, but use the cryptographic functions provided in the cloud cryptographic infrastructure in the form of "rental" cryptographic services. MeSign Cryptography as a Service has ten features such as on-demand service, out-of-the-box, fast integration, flexible expansion, ease of use, lower cost, standardized use, global compliance, stronger applicability, and secure operation and maintenance, which can meet all cryptographic application requirements such as data encryption protection (certificate encryption), trusted data identity (digital signature), trusted data produce and use time (time stamping), and trusted data produce and use location information (location stamping).

MeSign Cryptography as a Service provides cryptographic services for users in the form of SDK or API. User’s business system only needs to input "unidentified cleartext data" into the SDK, and the SDK connects to MeSign cryptographic infrastructure to complete the corresponding cryptographic service, and output “encrypted data with identity" to the business system. Users are welcome to purchase MeSign Cryptography as a Service to empower Internet applications and ensure the big data security.

MeSign Cryptography as a Service Officially Provides Services Today