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MeSince Manifesto

August 24, 2018

Human beings have entered the Internet era and a new era of big data and Internet of Things. The development prospects are promising, but privacy loss is worrisome. In the era of universal interconnection, people are losing their personal privacy while enjoying the convenience of the Internet and big data for life and work. All personal life and work behaviors and trails are recorded, processed and used by Internet service providers, and the concept of "privacy" is gradually disappearing.

In order to arouse people's awareness of the importance of personal privacy and the necessity of protecting it, MeSince® solemnly proclaims the following statements.

First, MeSince®, the first default automatic S/MIME encryption email client software, provides a technology tool to protect the private information conveniently. We recommend all Internet users to use MeSince® to send and archive confidential information to protect personal privacy information from theft and illegal use.

Second, we call on the global Internet users to say "NO" to plain text email and send every email with encryption.

Third, it is insecure to send the verification code via SMS, we recommend service providers to send verification codes via encrypted email. MeSince® opens API for free to all service providers to facilitate the service system to send encrypted verification code to their subscribers.

Fourth, we call on the global Internet security industry not only to strive to promote "HTTPS only", but also promote "S/MIME only", to fully achieve end-to-end encryption for all information and all messages and to fully protect the Internet user's private information security.

Fifth, we call for a rethinking of the pros and the cons in convenience and privacy loss the Internet brings us, and a return to the original intention of the Internet – a decentralized and secure Internet.

Finally, let us take an immediate action now, beginning from encrypting and signing every email, to effectively protect personal and organizational confidential information, and collaborate with continuous efforts to enhance the global Internet security for a better Internet and a better world. Thanks.