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MeSign Cryptography as a Service IntroductionEmpower Internet applications, Protect big data security!

1. MeSign cryptography infrastructure, empowers MeSign client software, realizes automatic email encryption and document signature, and protects email and document security

MeSign Technology is committed to email encryption automation to completely solve the problem of email security; and committed to document digital signature automation to completely solve the problem of document security. However, traditional email encryption and document signature solutions are very difficult to use, making email encryption and document signature unable to be widely used.

We have invested 5 years in research and development, invested in the construction of a secure and reliable encryption service infrastructure - MeSign Cryptographic Infrastructure, and shared these facilities with all MeSign users around the world, so that everyone doesn’t need to have the necessary trust infrastructure in place but can also implement S/MIME email encryption to meet various compliance requirements. MeSign Cryptographic Infrastructure consists of seven service systems: MeSign Certificate Authority (MCA), MeSign Cryptographic Key Management System (MKM), MeSign Public Key Exchange System (PKE), MeSign Certificate Revocation Status System (MCR), MeSign Identity Validation System (MVS), MeSign Timestamp Service System (MTS), MeSign Digital Signature Service System (DSS). These service systems in cloud work together with MeSign APP (email client APP) to constitute the "Cloud" and the "Client" collaboration system to provide the secure and reliable email encryption service and document signature service automatically for worldwide users.

In other words, MeSign APP is not a traditional independent email client software or an e-signature tool software, it is a user-oriented service agent which not only let users handle their own data locally to protect privacy, but also let users utilize the powerful cloud service for automatic email encryption and automatic document digital signature. This is an innovative solution that is the first in the world.

MeSign Cryptography as a Service Introduction

2. MeSign Technology opens the cryptographic infrastructure, provides Cryptographic as a Service (CaaS), empowers all software and Internet services, and protects big data security

Cloud computing and cloud services have become the standard configuration for all Internet services and the first choice for enterprise production and operation, and their service advantages are recognized. However, cloud computing and big data applications have brought a series of data security and privacy protection issues. It is not only the email data security problem after the email service move to the cloud, and the document security problem after the document is managed in the cloud, but also all Internet services have the problem of how to protect the data security. How can the cloud service providers convince users that their data is secure on the cloud? What technologies and services can be used to make users rest assured of cloud services? This is a question that all cloud service providers need to answer.

In other words, people need cloud computing and cloud services, but we must solve the data protection issues that users worry about when using cloud services. For example, cloud storage service needs to solve how to make users feel secured to put the important documents and photos on the cloud. MeSign Technology provides a good solution to solve the problems of email security and document security. It adopts cryptographic technology to build a cloud cryptographic infrastructure. The cloud and the client are integrated with each other, which can effectively protect the security of user data. The key data is encrypted in the client using cryptographic technology and then upload to the cloud, allowing users to use cloud services at ease. For the cloud storage service mentioned above, if you can use cryptographic technology to encrypt important documents and photos with a certificate and put them on the cloud, then users can use the cloud storage with confidence.

Based on these real needs, MeSign Technology has decided to open the mature cloud cryptographic infrastructure as a cloud cryptography service to all Internet application developers and Internet service providers, turning cryptographic capabilities into a cloud service for all client software and Internet applications, so that all developers and service providers do not need to repeatedly invest in the construction of cloud cryptographic infrastructure, but purchase cryptographic services on demand according to their own application needs, which not only greatly saves investment, but more importantly, can quickly use cryptography capabilities to help businesses operation securely and reliably. At the same time, it meets the user's compliance requirements for all data and privacy laws and regulations, and protects valuable customer data resources and data assets, thereby greatly enhancing the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

MeSign Cryptography as a Service (CaaS) is an innovated cryptographic capability delivery model, which is a deep integration of cloud computing technology and cryptographic technologies such as identity authentication, data encryption, digital signature, and timestamping. Cryptographic as a Service integrates cryptographic products, cryptographic usage policies, cryptographic service interfaces and service processes in accordance with the requirements of cloud computing technology architecture, and combines cryptographic system design, deployment, operation and maintenance, management, and billing into one service to satisfy users' cryptographic application requirements. Users no longer need to "purchase" cryptographic hardware or cryptographic systems and other cryptographic products, but use the cryptographic functions provided in the cloud cryptographic infrastructure in the form of "rental" cryptographic services. MeSign Cryptography as a Service has ten features such as on-demand service, out-of-the-box, fast integration, flexible expansion, ease of use, lower cost, standardized use, global compliance, stronger applicability, and secure operation and maintenance, which can meet all cryptographic application requirements such as data encryption protection (certificate encryption), trusted data identity (digital signature), trusted data produce and use time (time stamping), and trusted data produce and use location information (location stamping).

MeSign Cryptography as a Service provides cryptographic services for users in the form of SDK or API. User’s business system only needs to input "unidentified cleartext data" into the SDK, and the SDK connects to MeSign cryptographic infrastructure to complete the corresponding cryptographic service, and output “encrypted data with identity" to the business system. Instead of providing cloud HSM, cloud key management and other cryptographic equipment "rental" services like other cloud service providers, these "rental" services still require users to be very familiar with cryptographic technology and have the cryptographic program ability, the rapid integration and out-of-the-box cannot be achieved.

encrypted data with identity

3. Analysis of the advantages of MeSign Cryptography as a Service

MeSign Cryptography as a Service has ten features such as on-demand service, out-of-the-box, fast integration, flexible expansion, ease of use, lower cost, standardized use, global compliance, stronger applicability, and secure operation and maintenance, which can meet all cryptographic application requirements such as data encryption protection (certificate encryption), trusted data identity (digital signature), trusted data produce and use time (time stamping), and trusted data produce and use location information (location stamping).

(1) On-demand services

MeSign Cryptography as a Service mainly provides users cryptographic service like CA certificate issuing service, key management service, identity validation service, public key exchange service, long-term validation service of document signature, digital signature service, encryption service, time stamping service, location stamping service, etc. Users can purchase the required services according to their own business needs, which can be a single service or a combination of multiple services. For example, a document signature service generally requires both a digital signature service and a time stamping service.

(2) Out-of-the-box

MeSign Cryptography as a Service makes the cryptographic service available at any time just like tap water. All services can be purchased online and used immediately. And there are a variety of billing methods to choose, you can pay per use, you can also pay for an unlimited use per year, or you can pay for a long-term use, just need to choose the appropriate method according to your needs.

(3) Fast integration

MeSign Cryptography as a Service provides SDKs that support all operating systems, including common operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS, to facilitate users to integrate required cryptographic services. The SDK adopts a very simple input/output working mode. For example, the data encryption service is "cleartext data in" and "ciphertext data out", and users don't need any cryptographic programming ability. For users who have programming capabilities and need to process data more flexibly, we also provide API support. Users can integrate into their own business systems or client software as needed by calling related service APIs.

(4) Flexible expansion

Like other cloud services, MeSign Cryptography as a Service can also be dynamically expanded and contracted. Users can quickly meet the needs of applications and user scale growth without increasing investment in cryptographic hardware equipment. You only need to purchase the required amount of service on demand, and MeSign Cryptography as a Service back support system will automatically monitor the user's usage and continue to expand the relevant facilities.

(5) Easy to use

Users do not need to master professional cryptography knowledge and cryptographic programming technology, and directly use SDK or API to implement cryptography functions, which greatly reduces the user's cryptography usage threshold and cryptography compliance threshold. Such as the digital signature of a PDF document, the PDF file is directly posted to the SDK, and what you get is a signed file signed using the user's signing certificate and attached with the timestamp and LTV data. The user does not need to know PDF digital signature programming at all.

(6) Lower cost

The use of MeSign cryptography service eliminates the need to build a secure cryptographic equipment room and does not need to purchase cryptographic equipment and cryptographic systems, which greatly saves the construction cost of cryptographic infrastructure. We share our own cryptographic infrastructure, which can not only reduce the cost of email encryption and document signature services we provide, but also open our cryptographic infrastructure to all users who need cryptographic services at a lower price, allowing cryptographic technology can really popularize applications.

(7) Standard based use

MeSign Cryptography as a Service has passed related international certifications and has successfully provided cryptography service for MeSign App users in 171 countries and regions around the world for more than two years, which can help users to use MeSign cryptographic technology correctly and securely, to use cryptographic services to serve their own business systems in a compliant manner.

(8) Global compliance

MeSign Cryptography as a Service uses global trusted digital certificate to implement digital signature, encryption and timestamping. The signed PDF document is Adobe global trusted, global legal effect.

(9) More applicable

MeSign Cryptography as a Service is provided in the form of cloud service, which can not only meet the needs of many traditional cryptographic applications, but also are more suitable for more application scenarios such as cloud computing, big data and the Internet of Everything. It can effectively ensure the security and trust of cloud data, making people use cloud services more confidently and enjoy the convenience of work and life brought by cloud services.

(10) Secure operation

The MeSign cloud cryptographic infrastructure on which MeSign Cryptographic as a Service relies is guarded by the 360 security operation and maintenance team to provide reliable and secure operation and maintenance. The first batch of servers to provide services is more than 1,000, located in 360 IDCs in China and IDC in Los Angeles (USA). The core cryptographic equipment is in the high security equipment room in the 360 headquarter office building in Beijing.

Welcome to use MeSign Cryptography as a Service to empower your Internet applications and protect your precious data assets!